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updated on July 27, 2020


Syntax highlighting
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Edit remote files locally via FTP
Tabbed interface


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Notepad++ is a free text editor primarily used for programming, but can be used as a replacement for Windows Notepad also. It has a rich pallet of features and can be used as professional alternative for many commercial programming code editors.

Among its vast pallet of features is syntax highlighting, which can be customized for different keywords and programming languages. Each language supports auto completion and there are more than 27 popular programming languages supported.

Another useful feature is tabbed interface, where we can have multiple documents opened for editing, at the same time. Powerfull find and replace tool allows us to search thought all opened documents or all documents inside a folder and its sub folders and also replace words in all matching documents at once.

Files at remote server can be edited locally via FTP. Files are transferred to local folder and are automatically transferred back to server when we make changes to them and save them.

Interface is minimalistic with feature rich toolbar and menus. Code area has line numbering and can be maximized to whole screen by pressing F12 key. Is also has Zoom in and Zoom out option.

Notepad++ has been translated to more than 50 popular world languages and is a powerful code editor for any programming task.
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